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SCAD fosters a stimulating and collaborative environment in which diverse and talented faculty and staff are dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders in art and design.

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SCAD recruiters are traveling to various cities to conduct interviews with prospective employees by scheduled appointment only. Select a location below to request a meeting.

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We're looking for creative, out-of-the-box thinkers to continue the legacy of preparing talented students for creative careers. Our diverse and talented faculty and staff thrive in a vibrant and entrepreneurial workplace that embraces innovation, creativity and collaboration.

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SCAD faculty and staff rave about their passions in creative education thanks to the amazing opportunities SCAD provides them and their students.

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Inspiring locations

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕SCAD has distinctive, complementary locations in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; Hong Kong; and Lacoste, France.

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We live in a world of change and ever-evolving design trends and technologies. Every day, the Savannah College of Art and Design delivers the best academic experience to each individual student.

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕With an entrepreneurial spirit, employees bring to life the mission and vision of Paula Wallace, our founder and president. At SCAD, staff members balance business acumen and creativity to tackle emerging challenges. In the classroom, talented industry professionals breathe quality and excellence into students’ SCAD experience.

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕SCAD is at the forefront of art and design education. Bring your innovative ideas and step into a dynamic workplace. Are you ready to join our team?

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Equal employment opportunity disclosure

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕The university is committed to the principles of equal opportunity in employment. The university provides equal opportunity in employment to all employees and applicants for employment. No employee or prospective employee is discriminated against because of sex, race, color, national origin, age, marital or parental status, disability, religion, veteran status, or status in any group protected by applicable law.

Safety and security disclosure

SCAD is committed to assisting all members of the SCAD community in providing for their own safety and security. Information regarding campus security, personal safety and fire safety, including topics such as crime prevention, crime reporting policies and crime statistics for the most recent three year period, and disciplinary procedures is available from the Department of University Safety. If you would like further information, you can contact a representative of the Department of University Safety at the following locations:

Department of University Safety
350 Bull St.
Savannah, GA 31401
欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕 912.525.4500

Department of University Safety
1600 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕 404.253.3333

Hong Kong
292 Tai Po Road
Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕 852.2253.8036

Rue du Four
84480 Lacoste, France

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