SCAD portfolio and writing guidelines

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕When exploring an exceptional art and design education at SCAD, freshman or transfer applicants have the option to submit a portfolio and a résumé/list of achievements for scholarship consideration. Graduate applicants must submit a portfolio for admission and scholarship consideration.

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕A portfolio is a professionally presented collection of your strongest artistic work. Applicants are encouraged to submit only their best completed work; quality over quantity is preferred.

Portfolio submission

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕SCAD accepts portfolios submitted through SlideRoom, an online file management system, for review. In SlideRoom, you can upload still images, Word documents and multimedia files.

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕All work must be original in fabrication and concept. Applicants are required to indicate their role if the submission is a result of a group project. Any works submitted that were influenced by another artist, such as master copies or pop-culture references, must be accompanied by proper citation.

SlideRoom charges a fee of US$10 for each portfolio submission.

If you have not yet applied to SCAD and would like your work reviewed for scholarships, transfer credits, exemption of credit or graduate admission consideration, begin the admission process by applying at

Portfolio reviews and transfer credits

After an applicant is accepted for admission, a portfolio review is required for final transfer credit determination for specific studio courses before or during the student's first quarter of enrollment.

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