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欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕You're one of a kind. Your path to wellness should be, too.

Whether you're looking for group or individual counseling, workshops or simply a nonjudgmental atmosphere, Bee Well is your safe and confidential source for comprehensive care and support.

You take your creativity seriously. SCAD takes your mental and emotional health seriously.

Comprehensive care for your emotional, physical and social health

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕SCAD is committed to helping students build a strong foundation for success. Bee Well's focus on the three pillars of wellness ensures students take a comprehensive look at their health.


In individual or group settings, explore your emotions on your way to leading an uplifting, positive and balanced lifestyle.


Physical activity relieves stress, improves concentration and sparks the imagination. Find your way to stay active and discover how it can improve the creative experience.


Find your SCAD family. Through workshops, clubs and events designed to bring the creative community together, you can connect to others and to your own sense of purpose.

See someone in need? Speak up. We're all in this together.

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕When you or someone you know needs help, reach out for support. Specialists versed in a variety of learning styles and counseling needs are available to help students adjust to university life and reach personal and professional goals. Contact us to begin your path to wellness in a nonjudgmental, confidential environment.


Emergency: 912.525.4500
[email protected]


Emergency: 404.253.3333
[email protected]

Hong Kong

[email protected]

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Gain rapid insight from online assessment

欧美成人在线视频-久久爱www免费人成-午夜色大片在线观看-2019年最好看中文字字幕SCAD offers MindWise to help students make their first step toward healing. Identify your personal needs and connect to customized resources through a safe and anonymous online screening.

"I feel better knowing I can come talk with someone who is objective about how to manage being an adult."

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Counseling and student support services

With a wide network of counselors, including doctoral- and master's-level counselors and graduate-level clinical interns, the SCAD office of counseling and student support services addresses concerns and emergencies, and helps students develop a personal plan to overcome challenges.

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SCAD Center for Health

Students in Savannah have access to a dedicated primary care clinic staffed by a nurse practitioner. With the St. Joseph's/Candler Smart Care 24/7 app, students can receive diagnosis and treatment for minor illnesses through video chat or over the phone — no appointment necessary.

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Resources available to you

Assistance is offered for a wide range of concerns, and services are included in tuition. Current students can explore a curated list of resources and tools, find a support group or simply discover available services on MySCAD.

Find your fit at SCAD

SCAD offers students a variety of ways to connect through events, opportunities and activities designed with the creative community in mind.


SCAD signature events set the scene for students to shine alongside today's visionary artists, designers, scholars and entrepreneurs.

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Student involvement

Serve your community, network within your major of interest and meet with like-minded Bees. SCAD sponsors student groups affiliated with professional organizations, community service programs, religious organizations and academic departments.

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A premier fitness center offering group classes, personal training and state-of-the-art equipment, SCADfit makes it easy for students to stay active in a fun and energetic environment.